Support Skull Not everyone is cut out to be an Axemen. Being a Fireman is just not enough! It takes great dedication and pride to wear our colors! If you meet the following criteria, you MAY be on the path toward a membership with the Milwaukee Chapter.

All  potential members MUST:

*Be a professional firefighter and/or associate with a chapter member in good standing.

*Be a male, 21 y/o or older.

*Own a “cruiser style” motorcycle, 750cc or greater.

*Be sponsored by a current Axemen in good standing.

Be willing to participate in a probationary period, prior to obtaining full membership. 

*Have a genuine passion for riding and a positive attitude.

*Be willing to abide by all club rules and by-laws and be active in the club. 

*Want to have fun sharing in the brotherhood of a firefighter motorcycle club. 

If you feel you have what it takes and would like more information about how to

join, please contact our Vice President — Dan Wrecke

Axemen 2011 Support Option 4