About Us

HAxe 3istory of the Axemen M/C

Axemen M/C was founded in March of 1998 by Bob Roths of Inkster, Michigan. There were 12 founding members.  Our “Mother Chapter” is based in Detroit, Michigan with other Chapters in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Washington State, Washington, South Carolina, New York, Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Wisconsin  The purpose of forming this club is to have a club exclusive to IAFF members, working or retired.

About Our Chapter

Wisconsin Chapter 1 was organized on December 5th, 2009 by founding members Ryan Venne and Brian Anderson of Milwaukee Fire Department and Kevin Brode of West Allis Fire Department. They were looking for a club that was well organized, professional, and one that supports its chapters around the country. With help from the “Home Chapter”, Michigan Chapter 1, as well as Illinois Chapter 1, the Milwaukee Wisconsin Chapter was born!

As the first chapter in the state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee started with 13 Charter
Members (Lucky 13) made up firefighters from Milwaukee, West Allis, and Franklin fire departments. As membership continues to grow at a rapid pace, Wisconsin Chapter 1 has committed to help open other chapters in the state as well.

We are joined together by the brotherhood of firefighting and motorcycling. We ride for a good time, and to support many worth while causes and charities. For more information about our chapter, find an Axemen and ask him. Otherwise, you can reach us by email, by clicking on the Contact Info Tab.